2009-2010 News — 17 December 2009

By Joanne Lee-Yuen, Photo Editor

Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, what is a better way to remember this awesome year besides by buying a yearbook? Twenty years from now, when we are grown, we will only be left with memories.

With a 2009-2010 yearbook on your shelf, you can pick it up anytime to look at pictures and reminisce about the good times. Jennifer Ly, a senior said, “I purchased a yearbook because it’s my senior year and I want something I could remember my friends by.”

So far, the yearbook class has been working hard on the designs and trying to sell as much as possible. Ivette Mejia, the case manager of yearbook class said, “About 70 yearbooks are currently sold, but our goal is 400.”

If you have not bought a yearbook, the presale is still going on for $75. Jessica Xu, the editor of yearbook class stated, “It cost $75 right now and the price will rise to around $85 if you wait.”

Try to get your orders in before the break so the yearbook class can be able to know how much to order. Mr. Harris, the yearbook teacher stated “If you want to order a yearbook, don’t wait! I will be sending orders in January and I am not going to order extra yearbooks this year.”

Many people decide not to buy a yearbook because they do not have enough money but right now, yearbook class allows student to make a down payment of $20 on their order and pay their fees off each month.

The yearbook is expensive but Mr. Harris tries to keep the price low as possible by having other ways to raise money. Mr. Harris explained, “It cost us $85 to make one yearbook but we sell them for less during presales so students can have a chance to purchase one.” He also emphasized that, “If everyone were to buy a yearbook, the price would only be $30 each because when we order more, it will cost us less.”

For those who have already ordered their yearbook, they are looking forward to seeing what and how the yearbook will turn out. A junior, Kelly Truong said, “I’m hoping to see a yearbook filled with lovely memories and cherished moments.” Many students are excited to spot themselves in unforgettable events from the year. A senior, Robert Nguyen said, “I’m hoping to see a lot of creativity and pictures of me in it so that when I grow up, I can show my kids how cool I was.”

According to many of the alumni from Oakland High, without a yearbook, it is harder for them to think back and remember all the wonderful events that occurred. Patrick Huie, from class of 2008 said, “I went through four years of high school, so a proper closure would feel very nice, and that’s where the yearbook comes in. I can now look back at the yearbook, while have my classmates signature on it. There’s no guarantee that I may see them once again in my life.”

If you are planning to buy a yearbook to remember the tremendous year you are having with your friends or teachers, you can give your orders to Mr. Harris (Room TC7), a yearbook staff or order it online at www.jostens.com/yearbook.

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