Sports — 17 December 2009

By Lisa Lac, Sports Editor

The Lady Wildcats are gearing up for the 2009 – 2010 seasons in which they hope to beat last season’s record of 1-9.
“I expect us to be one of the hardest working team this year.” said basketball Coach Young, an alumna of Oakland high. “I like how the team this year is hard workers and never quit. When given the opportunities… we will succeed.”

The Lady Wildcats used to have two teams in October, Junior varsity team and Varsity team, but due to the low numbers of players on each team, Coach Young decided to just have a Varsity team.

“I think our team goal is to become a family and be able to work with each other like one,” said junior shooting guard Charity Cooke. The Lady Wildcats have been bonding more and more from practicing every Monday through Friday, including study hall, where the girls help each other with homework.

The team has gotten so close and comfortable that they’ve shared a couple of personal tips and secrets. Junior center Latasha Kelvin said, “I wear granny panties on game days, because girly underwear gives me wedgies all night.”

The Lady Wildcats have been working hard on and off the court together. They have worked numerous times at Cal games selling food and drinks from the beginning of November to fundraise for the team. They are also selling cards now until January 10th, 2010 for $10 each. These cards give people discounts at 15 different locations to buy food, drinks or play golf or even buy that special person flowers.

The Lady Wildcats are determined to make 2010 a better year. Sophomore point guard Sabrina Ochoa said, “Our goal this year would be to have better teamwork, leadership and trust.”

Coach Young once said to the team, “It is never giving up and trying just for one more time.”

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