2009-2010 News — 17 December 2009

BY Judy Lam, Commentary Editor

Having trouble doing homework? Having trouble getting grades you want? Then EBAYC after School Tutoring may be the answer for you. The tutoring program is run by Rany Ath, 25, who is the Managing Director for EBAYC. They have been in Oakland High for 3 years with improving progress.

“EBAYC has been in Oakland High for a while but it’s been an in and out sort of thing because of the issues and funding that goes on for this program,” says Ath. “Having a youth organization community is important and beneficial because it provides one-on-one contact for each student.”

For the years EBAYC has been in Oakland High, expectations that Ath has for each year is that the program would help provide more resources for years to possibly come, and that it’ll help them build and strengthen their skills and ability to become independent and responsible adults. Not only would EBAYC just have a managing director, there are also mentors that are part of the tutoring program.

“It feels good, I feel like its challenging because of the material but fun and easy because everyone is on task,” said Danny Ma, 21, one of the mentors of EBAYC and also a 4th year student at UC Berkeley, as he spoke of his experience tutoring students.

“I balance school with the organization of a planner, but also having a passion to work with the students to take a break from school,” said Ma.

What keep the EBAYC program running is also the students that voluntarily signed up themselves. Loan Ly, 17, Senior, has been in the EBAYC program for 3 years. “I go to EBAYC Tutoring for the purpose of getting help for homework but also that the mentors are fun to talk to. And I’d be willing to join EBAYC again if it weren’t for the fact that I’m a senior.”

The EBAYC after School Tutoring has around 80-90 students, and with 3 years of being in Oakland High, classrooms have expanded from 3 to 6. According to Ath, the beginning of EBAYC was rocky, but throughout, they eventually got it and encouraged many to get tutored.

But EBAYC isn’t only just a tutoring program, it’s also a sort of youth community in which students have the opportunity to see outside of Oakland and what’s out there. There are college tours and fieldtrips that EBAYC provides for the students to go and have fun. With this all said, EBAYC is a great opportunity for students and it’ll benefit in the long run.

The only thing that could stop this program would be the funding that EBAYC gets to stay in Oakland High. And with Ath’s concerned words, she’s hoping that the funding would help EBAYC again and have EBAYC stay in Oakland High.

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