News — 05 March 2009

Alenna So

If students haven’t noticed the flyers posted on doors, bathrooms, or walls, we have a new improved clinic at Shop 55. For students who have never been to Shop 55, it’s right next to the computer labs and across from the girls’ locker room.
Among other services, the Center offers birth control options, pregnancy tests, pelvic exams, or emergency contraception (Plan B or the “morning-after pill”).
“I go to the Wellness Center to find job applications and say hi to Mike,” said Patricia T, sophomore. “I love the SOAR program here at O-High”.
If students want to know about sex and health education, the Wellness Center provides that too.
The Wildcat Wellness center offers free and confidential services for Oakland High students, so don’t be shy or ashamed— stop by with any questions asked. Drop in at lunch, after school, or call to make an appointment. The number is 510-879-1868; they will schedule you an appointment right now!

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