News — 19 December 2008

By Norbert Flores

Commentary Editor

Weeks after California voters passed Proposition 8, which eliminates same-sex marriage; people are still upset over the outcome.

Opponents are now taking the battle into the courts by filing lawsuits saying the proposition is unfair and unconstitutional.

Right now, the California Supreme Court may need to decide if Prop 8 should be considered a State Constitutional amendment, which means the people’s vote would count, says, or whether it should be treated as a revision of the Constitution, which would mean the Legislature must approve it by a two-thirds majority.

“I think the people should be able to vote again.” says Henry Nguyen, senior. “We want to vote for ourselves, not someone from the court.”

But others say that the war should end.

“The Prop was passed” says Jenny Lam, senior. “I don’t know why people are still complaining since the Prop passed.”

Even though the Prop has passed, I believe that opponents of Prop 8 should have the right to fight back. If you wanted to fight for something you believe in and the Government said you lost, would you give up?
Opponents are not giving up until they make a difference in this state.

But whatever the outcome is, the whole United States is watching this dilemma because this might influence everyone else.

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